2.1 Qualification characteristics.

1. Qualification degree: Master of engineering in TMT.

2. Professional branch Transport, Navigation and Aviation.

3. Professional qualification: Master of transport engineering.

4. General and special profile training

M.Eng TMT graduates will complete the program possessing a high level of:

- Mathematical Modeling and Optimization Methods in Transportation;

- Transportation Systems, Technology and Logistcs;

- Business Dynamics of the Transportation Process;

- Traffic Engineering and Safety;

- Information Systems and Communication in Transport;

- Transport Ecology;

- Maintenance and Service of a Transportation Fleet;

- Transportation Management and Marketing;

- Company Law and Tax Legislation;

- Economics and Financial Management.

5. A Master of Engineering should have the following most common and specific skills:

- Manage transportation and forwarding companies;

- Manage and organize the transport process in big cities, agglomerations and regions;

- To work out a design and to manage projects for big national and international transport companies;

- Manage the vehicles maintenance;

- Organize and accomplish research work in the field of transport;

- To work as teachers and lecturers in technical schools, colleges, institutes and universities.

6. Career opportunities.

The students who graduate the TMT master degree and who obtain professional qualification: transport engineer will be able to:

- Work in transport and shipping companies for internal and international transportation;

- To work as teachers and lecturers in technical schools, colleges, institutes and universities;

- to be at the head of the municipal and local administration;

- to be at the head of ministry departments and administrations;

- to continue their education in order to obtain PhD degree.

7. Preliminary qualification.

The professional preparation is build upon the foundation of a completed Bachelor or Master of Sciences degree in the areas of: “Transport Management and Technologies”, “Transport Engineering”,Agricultural Machinery, “Industrial Design”, “Industrial Management”, “Machine Tools and Manufacturing”, “Materials and Manufacturing Engineeringtogether with additional qualifying exams for a M.Eng degree.

The graduates with different professional qualification from “Transport Management and Technologies” receive additional training.