Other Activities


2. Activities with students.


        2.1. Danube River Day - 2004.


   Student's  session 1

        2.2. Student's session 2  " Bulgaria's Transport System in the 21 Century Beginning" - 2005



        Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Eng. E. Marinov, Dean of Faculty of Automotive and Transport Engineering (FATE)

        Secretary:Assis. Prof. Eng. A. Asenov, PhD


                      Assoc. Prof. Eng. M. Marinov, PhD, Vice Dean of  FATE

                      Assoc. Prof. Eng. V. Pencheva, PhD, Head of Transport Department

                      Assoc. Prof. Eng. r. Ivanov, PhD, Head of Department "Automobiles, Tractors and Fork-Lift Trucks"

                      Master  Eng. A. Ruseva, PhD Student

                      Eng. A. Pashev, Student in Master Degree


        Scientific Secretary: Prof. Eng. D. Simeonov, PhD